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We’re here to help you achieve your financial goals, manage your money, and make your life better. Our firm is not like most other investment advisors. We are an independent advisory firm, with no ties to a large Wall Street firm. You receive advice unblemished by the conflicts of interest that have plagued Wall Street firms. We are free to recommend the best financial products to help you meet your goals. And with no sales quotas, we can devote the time needed to properly research and monitor your investments. You also benefit from our size. As a boutique advisory serving high-net-worth individuals, every relationship is important to us. With no national ad campaigns, we rely on referrals from people in our community to grow our business. You won’t be treated like just another account number, and there is no corporate bureaucracy when you need an answer about your money. Our staff understands that you expect excellent service.

When is the Best Time to Panic?


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  Brokerette- Noun One who attempts to interpret the securities markets using their own emotions and without any basic knowledge of how markets work. Synonyms: Market-timer

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>Summer Swoon

> In comparing charts from the summer of 2010 and one from today, I am having a difficult time in finding any distinct differences. Since I do not try and predict markets, I use history as a guide as to … Continue reading

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>Still Climbing the Wall of Worry

>Historically May brings cracks in the proverbial wall of worry. Equities have a contrarian bent to go up when on the surface things look bad. Political infighting, fear of inflation and Mideast turmoil has been the theme this month causing … Continue reading

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>You can lead a horse to water

>The internals of the market are still improving, but no one wants to take a drink. There is still just under 2.9 trillion dollars remaining in cash or cash equivalents. Due to the volatility in the markets, investors remain unwilling … Continue reading

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>Charity Navigator – Japan Earthquake and Tsunami: How To Help

>** I saw this on the Charity Navigator website and felt it needed to be reposted on our blog. I encourage our clients to donate or give intelligently to causes they support. Please contact me with questions. Regards, Brie A … Continue reading

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>RWM – The Financial Advocate

> Due to the advancements in technology in the past few years, we have implemented a technology system that allows us to satisfy our clients’ needs for: 1. Up-to date financial information 2. Access to important documents 3. A monitoring … Continue reading

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