I have to admit I have liked Kathleen Sebelius since the day I met her. As Governor of the State of Kansas she was a breakfast keynote speaker at the Kansas Independent Oil and Gas Association annual meeting a number of years ago and I was at the meeting visiting with our clients in the industry and as my grandfather’s guest. Kathleen took the time before her speech to come over and say hello to my grandfather and meet me. I wasn’t her constituent but she took her time to for our introduction, for my grandfather to brag on me (he was a wonderful grandfather and is greatly missed) and to check in on a former Chairman of Kansas Corporation Commission. Kathleen’s genuine interest in and respect for my grandfather impressed me and has stuck with me since that morning.

Fast forward a few years: Kathleen is now the U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services (and is currently being grilled by the House Energy and Commerce Committee on television) my grandfather has passed and my boyfriend’s current employer does not offer health insurance. Since cold and flu season hits me almost every year (for the record: I always get the Flu Shot) as soon as went live we tried to sign my boyfriend up. It was an extreme exercise in futility. Several tries later, he has a log in but has been unable to complete the application. And we have no idea what his healthcare is going to cost.

Seeing Kathleen on television and my personal experience on got me thinking about how I, as a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, plan for costs of health care in our financial plans. As we review financial plans over the coming months I’m going to place an emphasis beyond the budget estimates on what health care costs in retirement will be and work to incorporate them into our plans.

Have a safe and happy Halloween!
Brie Horigan, CFP®

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