Keep your financial plan working while you’re on vacation

The plan receiving the most attention this time of year is the vacation plan.  But there’s another plan that also deserves attention your financial plan. Here at the mid year point, take some time to look over your financial plan before you leave on vacation. Are you on track to meet goals we set at our last appointment? Have things changed in your life or business that would make financial goal realignment a good idea? Here are two other important things to consider:


It’s essential to regularly review your holdings and rebalance your portfolio. Long-term goals can change over time, and you’ll want to ensure your assets are performing to meet your objectives and that we are not taking more risk than we need to.


Often people find that their circumstances change throughout the year. Do you need more cash for day-to-day purchases now that  you thought you would (those pesky rising electric bills)? Should your portfolio be adjusted for both liquidity and long-term security?

If any of these situations apply, now may be the best time for us to sit down to reassess your situation so you can enjoy your vacation and still meet your objectives.

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